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Zabbix Templates/Official Templates/2.2

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Note: See main official template page for recent versions.

Zabbix 2.2

Zabbix 2.2.16

Zabbix 2.2.11

Zabbix 2.2.10

Zabbix 2.2.9

Zabbix 2.2.6

Zabbix 2.2.5

Zabbix 2.2.4

Zabbix 2.2.2

Zabbix 2.2.1

Zabbix 2.2.0

Note: Template App Zabbix Server has been hacked to import successfully - direct import will fail in some cases. See ZBX-7338 for more detail
Note: FreeBSD and OpenBSD templates are broken in the 2.2.0 release and thus are not included at this time. See ZBX-7339 for more detail
Note: Template Virt VMware should be imported after the other VMware templates, otherwise it will fail with mysterious message. See ZBX-7340 for more detail
Note: Performance counter items in the Template_OS_Windows template were broken on this page. It has been fixed in the individual download and the archive on 2014.04.23
Note: Template_App_MySQL-2.2.0.xml depends on userparameters, which can be found in the Zabbix sources, file userparameter_mysql.conf

Download archive with all the templates, Zabbix_Official_Templates_2.2.0.tar.xz, or individual templates below.