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People might be traveling to Latvia from further away and thus decide to stay before or after the conference for some period of time. Suggestions on what to see or do around Riga will be added here.

Main title en.png Soviet bunker in town Līgatne (~65km away from Rīga) - map
Open-air museum.png Ethnographic Open-Air Museum
Laachi.png Bake a real rye bread in Lāči bakery
Tv tornis.jpg Take a look at Riga from the Zaķusala radio and television tower. Entrance LVL 2.60 (USD 5.20, EUR 3.70)
Turaida castle.png Visit Turaida castle

misc ideas

Locations in Riga

  • National Opera
  • Art-noveau in central Riga
  • Kalnciema street wooden housing
  • Miera/Annas streets?
  • Tower of Academy of Sciences
  • Zeppelin hangars in Central Market, Market itself (be careful)
  • Kuldīga bridge?, Ventas rumba (widest waterfall in Europe)
  • Valmiermuiža brewery
  • Sigulda cable car
  • Aerodium
  • Museum lists (Free entry in War museum, Motormuzejs, Railway Museum, Nature Museum)

Locations outside of Riga

  • Sigulda bobsleigh track ("summer bob") - 7 LVL per person
  • Līgatnes pārceltuve
  • Sigulda (Bicycling Sigulda-Turaida, other routes), autumn in Sigulda
  • Irbene locator (8th biggest in the world)
  • Liepājas Karosta
  • Small train Alūksne-Gulbene
  • Aglona's Basilica
  • Rundāle Castle
  • Teiču rezervāts, Ķemeru tīrelis
  • Tīreļpurvs, Ložmetējkalns (site of Christmas Battles of 1916)
  • Āraišu lake castle

National activities & locations

  • Potato & mushroom gathering
  • Lake Rāzna
  • Boating (Daugavas loki)
  • Seaside (not covered in ice yet...)